Bluebebop Russians & Nebelungs

Russian Blues, Russian Blacks
and Nebelungs

Kitten enquiries by email  [email protected] 

I am a COAWA registered, council approved hobby breeder, breeding on a very small scale.  Kittens are born in my bedroom and graduate to the living room, where they live in the centre of all household activity and learn to become friendly, confident, well-socialised young cats.  My cats and kittens are pets first and foremost - they live in a safe, clean, spacious environment with access to enclosed garden playgrounds. 

Kittens are available to loving, permanent pet homes only and are not intended for breeding.  The cost of a kitten includes COAWA registration, pedigree, an information folder, and 6 weeks Petplan insurance. Kittens are vaccinated, microchipped and desexed before leaving me at approx 13-15 weeks of age.  Blue kittens are more readily available than blacks as blacks are very rare and difficult to produce.  2 blue parents will always produce blue kittens . 1 blue and 1 black can also produce an entire litter of blues, so the arrival of a black is cause for celebration!